Monday, August 15, 2011

Drawer Knobs inspiration

I NEED to replace these knobs on our new Vintage TV stand/dresser.

Here is my inspiration collage.

The goal here is to DIY replicate one of the designs above on plain, round, wooden knobs. I have 12 knobs to work on, so I want to pick the simplest one possible, and that I am the most least likely to mess up. I really like the writing on the knobs in the bottom right picture from Vintage Sky, but I am not sure if I can pull it off. Next, I am wondering if I can find a pearl paint for the bottom left knob, which seems the easiest design to replicate from Anthropologie. For the top right, I would need to figure out a technique to create a mercury glass effect, also from Anthropologie. I like the crab a lot in the top left picture from Vintage Sky, and I think that should be simple to draw and trace onto a knob.

Thoughts? I need to get this going, I am so done looking at the original knobs, they are much too plain!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Metal Bed Set: After

Here is the newly painted Oil Rubbed Bronze beauty! I am quite happy with the results. This was a very quick project and very forgiving paint to work with. I got the Rustoleum Metallic spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze from Home Depot. I went through 3 1/2 cans. I used a Matte Clear protective spray on the foot board only since I figured it would get the most abuse from the children. Oh..they have been warned about playing and hanging on the new bed!

Here is the before, the after, the Pottery Barn inspiration, and the logo on the $10 box spring! Serta by Vera WANG! really? 10 each?! Unused! Holy Moly!

My Master Bedroom Inspiration Board:

1) Lots of pillows, maybe a little less ruffle than the ones from Memento Designs. But seriously, how gorgeous is her bed!?! And all the pages on the wall!?! Hmmm...maybe when we become homeowners and I know I'm never moving again! Ever..
2) Pretty quilt with blues like this Pottery Barn one
3) White or Linen Flowing Bed Skirt/Dust Ruffle like Bucket of Burplap's as well as some of her rustic, farmhouse style elements

4) White Flowing curtains like Buckets of Burlap's

oh and maybe this candle too

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Master Bed

Out with the old, and FINALLY IN with the NEW! We have always had a platform bed since we bought our Eastern King mattress almost 8 years ago! First, we purchased a platform bed set from IKEA, which eventually fell apart after so many moves. Then I bought this bed online which wasn't made of the most solid wood.

My style began to change and this bed no longer fit with the look I was going for. It's a little too modern with an Asian flare. I wanted more rustic, pottery barn, traditional. Also, I felt like we really needed to add a box spring to lift us up higher! I decided to sell the bed frame and start hunting for a replacement on craigslist after checking out blogs for some ideas. So for almost 2 months, we have had our single mattress on the floor...It was getting old and I really couldn't wait any longer to be at a normal height while sleeping.
Lucky for us, I went to the local thrift shops yesterday and found a really nice metal king sized frame! I googled metal frames on my Droid phone and found that Pottery Barn sold a similar frame for $1200!

I quickly purchased the bed I found at thrift for $65! All we needed now was a box spring (or two twin ones to fit our king). And some paint to change the golden brass color to a darkened one to match the PB style above. I found two twin box springs on Craigslist for $10 each!

Stay tuned for the "after" shots! I am soooo happy with my purchase! Grinning eary to ear! And to think I still made a profit selling our old bed after buying this thrifty find!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dining table for $12.50

Right before Christmas 2010, during my first thrift shop experience, I spied a lonely dining table in the corner, I took a look at the price tag which said $25. The thrift store was taking off 50% of all furniture, so that brought the table down to $12.50. I could have sworn they forgot a zero in there...but who am I to argue with a bargain and a half!?!! We really needed a new dining table big enough to fit some dinner guests. This table also came with a leaf! PERFECT SIZE to finally replace our 4 top tiny table.

I saw the potential right away for a barn/farm style makeover. I knew it needed some TLC, it needed to be stripped and re-stained, maybe even painted. I let it sit in our dining room like this for a couple of weeks until I could decide the details of it's face lift. Lucky for me, hubby was eager to get the project started, so he rushed me a little and together we chose to re-stain the top, and paint the bottom half black for a two-toned farm style look.
We stripped and stained the top, sanded it down and applied a Bombay Mahogany stain.
Next we spray painted the bottom half with black satin, let it dry, and I went around the table with my drummel to add some distressed details. The chairs were already ours from our previous dining table, so all I did was prime the chairs and spray paint them with the black satin paint used on the table.
I really like this idea from Sunny Days for the chairs, but haven't gotten that far yet!
Here is our "after" photo

I also went ahead and painted the two drawer fronts of our old IKEA shelving unit with the black satin. They use to be a dark gray color. Here is a shot of the whole dining room