Monday, August 15, 2011

Drawer Knobs inspiration

I NEED to replace these knobs on our new Vintage TV stand/dresser.

Here is my inspiration collage.

The goal here is to DIY replicate one of the designs above on plain, round, wooden knobs. I have 12 knobs to work on, so I want to pick the simplest one possible, and that I am the most least likely to mess up. I really like the writing on the knobs in the bottom right picture from Vintage Sky, but I am not sure if I can pull it off. Next, I am wondering if I can find a pearl paint for the bottom left knob, which seems the easiest design to replicate from Anthropologie. For the top right, I would need to figure out a technique to create a mercury glass effect, also from Anthropologie. I like the crab a lot in the top left picture from Vintage Sky, and I think that should be simple to draw and trace onto a knob.

Thoughts? I need to get this going, I am so done looking at the original knobs, they are much too plain!!