Monday, March 29, 2010

How to edit your precious photos in Photoshop

I found this amazing tutorial on Amanda's Blog and boy has it come in handy. I did a photoshoot with my daughter, Jayme one day for some images to put on her model card. She wants to be a model, and who am I to stop her!? Anyway, I'm not the best photographer, I guess I did ok with my ideas and composition, but I have a point and shoot Canon digital Rebel and for the most part, I just aim and click, nothing fancy about it. Sometimes the picture doesn't turn out quite how I want it. It can be too dark or end up a slightly out of focus. This tutorial helps you lighten your photos, warm up the tone, and make your image crisp & sharp. Check out the difference, all thanks to this Tutorial

To get this result, I followed each step of the tutorial up until Amanda adds the B&W action. I hope you will get as much use out of this tutorial as I do! :)